Welcome to Zaha02.com. Established in 2017, we hope to start bringing you the latest and greatest stuff we’ve collected from around the internet. Run by a group of whacky internet nerds who find ourselves completely consumed by the internet, we decided to make this website! While we’re starting with humble beginnings, we assure you we’ll be adding a lot of awesome stuff (and some pretty terrible things, as well) as often as we can. We find a lot hilarious and super interesting info from some of the popular websites around the internet (like Reddit, Digg, etc) but we won’t simply repost the top pages there like some other media sites. We’re not trying to be a rehashed aggregator – we truly believe we find some of the more interesting hidden stuff throughout the internet that we’d love to shine the Zaha spotlight on. We will make our absolute best efforts to cite the original content posters and give proper credit! Nothing sucks more than pouring your heart and soul into making some bad ass original content just to have some other website steal it, slap their watermark on it, and call it their own.

Anyways, here’s a bit about us:

Ryaneditor-in-chief. Big kahuna around here. Wishes he looked like Ryan Reynolds, but won’t get off the internet long enough to work out (let alone go outside in the first place).

Hobbies include internet, netflix, World of Warcraft (yeah, we know..), and PUBG.

Drives a 2012 Scion tC which we’re all surprised he hasn’t crashed yet.





Beth: one of our content curators. We’ve actually caught her on Reddit on her computer screen with her phone in hand also browsing Reddit. She has a bit of a problem.

Hobbies include Reddit on her laptop, Reddit on her iPhone, and probably Reddit on her tablet when she’s at home, too. (she’s actually loves to bake, too, but who’s counting?)

She drives a Honda Accord that she claims has a porsche engine in it. Yeah, keep dreaming Beth… <3 <3






Tony: Ok, ok this isn’t an ACTUAL picture of Tony, our web guy… but he’s pretty sarcastic, chubby (in a fun way) and didn’t want his picture up.

He’s a self-proclaimed marijuana aficionado, knows his way around a computer, and can kick some ass at Marvel vs Capcom.

Direct all of your tech questions to Tony below 🙂




Anyways, we hope you enjoy our website and stick with us while we grow into something you visit regularly!

With much love and excitement,

-The Zaha02 team.

Updated: December 3, 2017 — 9:51 pm

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